“We’ve Already Shared Late Mugabe’s Property”:- Nephew


Late former President Robert Mugabe’s relatives revealed that they have already shared his property after his death in 2019.

In a wide-ranging interview, family spokesperson, Leo Mugabe, mentioned that it is surprising that Chief Zvimba, who wants Mugabe’s remains to be exhumed from his homestead and reburied at the National Heroes Acre, stated that some of the late former president’s belongings have not yet been shared.

“We have already shared (his belongings). We’ve done all that. That’s the other responsibility of a nephew, a muzukuru like me. You get my point? That’s where I come in, and we did it. It’s done. Finished. We don’t call these people, anashe (chiefs), distant people, you only call close relatives. I have some clothes that used to be his, that were shared on that particular function (homestead event after his death).

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