Polyamory Life: Woman with 7 Husbands Says, “I Satisfy All Their Needs”


The woman said she decides whom to sleep with any time she wants.

A woman has made up her mind to change the marriage narrative for one of the most unpopular forms of it – polyandry.

Surprisingly, the yet-to-be-identified woman married seven husbands.

The lady went on to mention that it is at her discretion when it involves whom she sleeps with as she is the one who decides which of them it should be.

In a tone that reflects confidence, she boasted that none of the men have the audacity to cheat on her. According to her, she has superpowers that help checkmate their activities.

In the clip, all her husbands were quiet, sipping and passing a drink in a gourd she had held to the next person.

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