Trevor Noah Leaves Girlfriend After Buying A $300million House Together


Trevor Noah, the South African born comedian and TV talkshow host, is reported to be parting ways with his model girlfriend Minka Kelly.

The lovebirds have been staying together in their $300 million dollar condo in Los Angeles’ richest neighbourhood.

U.S media outlets claim that Trevor Noah, who has been mentioned in many dating rumors and linked to several women in the past, and Minka having been having a hard time in their relationship for the last months.

It is further claimed that, “their work commitments and careers are very different and they both felt like they should take time apart”.

Right now it is not clear what the 36-year-old Daily Show will do to his sleek 11,000-square-foot (1000-square metres) eye-catching boxy white mansion he shares with his girlfriend.

It is reported that the two shared money in acquiring the property.

Entertainment Tonight claims that Trevor’s close friend sensationally claimed that Minka packed her bags and left the place the two were staying at showing that indeed it was over between the couple.

If the two bought the $300 million dollar condo they were living in with shared ownership, they will be sharing the property.

In any case, Trevor Noah may lose the house they are staying in.

Trevor Noah’s relationships have always been a mystery to the public eye.

The comedian has not yet confirmed any of the relationships he has been alleged to have.

Regardless of the paparazzi reports of him dating Minka, the two never confirmed their relationship to the public.

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