“We Can Fix The Economy In Just 3 Months”: Sikhala


The opposition MDC Alliance party revealed that if it wins the mandate to rule the country in 2023, it would only need three months to fix the economy, which has been in shumble state for over two decades under the Zanu PF-led government. Party deputy chairperson Job Sikhala (Zengeza West MP) explained during a virtual rally held on Sunday.

The rally was aiming at evaluating President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s performance mid-way through his term of office which will be expiring in 2023.

“If you give us the mandate to govern the country, in just three months, we would have addressed all the challenges we are currently facing,” Sikhala said.

“You will enjoy your lives and during that time, you will wonder why it was taking so long to have the economic challenges fixed. Therefore, I urge our supporters to remain vigilant. Don’t be intimidated. Consider how we, your leaders, have been persecuted through arbitrary arrests. We remain resolute and we continue fighting for democracy.”

MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa claims that Zanu PF’s poor governance caused high unemployment rate, poor wages for civil servants, a high cost of living and shrinking democratic space.

Sikhala stated that Mnangagwa was still having a hard time delivering all promises he made when he ascended to power after his disputed victory in the 2018 elections.

“We have a legitimacy crisis in this country. Mnangagwa knows very well that he did not win in the 2018 elections. He placed himself in that presidential position against the will of the people. Now he is persecuting the opposition party members for challenging his illegitimate governance,” he said.

“Zanu PF and all people depending on Mnangagwa’s patronage are in a panic mode as evidenced by the recalls in Parliament. A government confident of its capability would not put efforts to silence critics. Mnangagwa lied to the people that he would create jobs for the citizens, but he has failed to do so, save for extending (retired Chief Justice Luke) Malaba’s term of office.”

Simon Khaya Moyo, who is Zanu PF spokesperson mentioned that he could not comment on Sikhala’s claims, rather he blamed the opposition of celebrating the country’s economic woes.

“We are focusing on implementing the National Development Strategy, which is proving to be very effective in turning around the economy. Whether the opposition party members can fix the economy in three months or not, it is their own baby. I cannot comment on that. They must get the mandate in the 2023 elections first. They are the ones who are at the forefront of begging for sanctions from the West which have contributed to the economic meltdown they allege,” Moyo said.

MDC Alliance deputy national organising secretary Murisi Zwizwai also had a few words to say addressing the rally. He blasted government’s failure to adequately remunerate civil servants, stating that it was clear that the ruling party had failed to solve the economic challenges afflicting the country.

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