Robert Mugabe’s Sceptre Was Handed Over To Saviour Kasukuwere: Killer Zivhu Claims


The late president of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe continues to take the limelight even in death and this time it is over “the mystical sceptre”.

After reports went viral that President Mnangagwa’s administration requested to get its hands on a mystic sceptre (tsvimbo in vernacular) which Mugabe is said to have been buried with, controversial former ZANU PF MP, Killer Zivhu has sensationally claimed that the sceptre was given over to Saviour Kasukuwere, an exiled former cabinet minister.

Posting on Twitter, Killer Zivhu wrote;

This simply translates to;

“The sceptre was handed over to comrade Kasukuwere and I was there when it happened. The sceptre is of immense value, there is power on it. Chamisa was only bluffing. The old man was angry with what happened. But the old man’s sceptre is in Kasukuwere’s custody. He was chosen, but as to what the sceptre is used for, I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Chief Zvimba, born Stanley Mhondoro, denied the claims that he commanded Former First Lady Grace Mugabe. He said he has nothing to do with the plot to summon former First Lady Grace Mugabe to a traditional court to force the exhumation of the late former President Robert Mugabe’s remains.

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