Somalia President Signs Law Extending His Term


Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has signed a law extending his presidential mandate by two years.

This follows the parliament’s approval of a motion to extend the term over the dispute that has caused a delay in conducting an election.

The parliament accused some Somali regional leaders of crippling the clan-based indirect. The speaker of the parliament Mohamed Mursal annouced the decision with 149 lawmakers out of 275 voted Yes to end the September 17 agreement and move the country with one person one man election within 2 years.

The opposition groups rejected the extension of the president’s term whose mandate expired on February 8. Somalia had been in the middle of political impasse with central government leaders and some regional states have failed to end the electoral impasse. The international partners warned all sides to avoid further crisis and engage with constructive dialogue to end the impasse.

“President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo officially signed the Special Electoral Law for Federal Election on Tuesday evening. The Parliament voted overwhelmingly on this motion on Monday,” Information minister Osman Dubbe said.
Mr Farmajo’s term expired on 8 February while that of the parliament ended in December – and indirect parliamentary and presidential elections that should have followed have been derailed by political disagreements.

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