“I wasn’t fired… I’m still valuable”: Matemadanda


Victor Matemadanda, the outspoken war veterans secretary-general, has lashed out at his Zanu PF critics for prematurely “rushing to write his political obituary”.
Opening up to the Daily News yesterday, the deputy Defence minister insisted that he was still the ruling party’s national political commissar regardless of his reported recent axing from the position.

Matemadanda in this regard emphasised that he was continuing to perform his duties, as usual, as Zanu PF’s national political commissar.

“I am only being told through social media that I was fired, but on Saturday I attended the central committee meeting and did my work.

“Yesterday (Monday), I was in the office doing my work as the national political commissar. I don’t know who fired me in the press.

“If anything has been done by Zanu PF it is the secretary for information and publicity who will announce that.

“But if there is anyone in the politburo … who got excited that I had been fired, when at the end of last week’s meeting it was not announced by the spokesperson, and they decided to tell the nation that I had been fired, this shows that there are foolish people at that level of leadership,” the defiant Matemadanda told the Daily News.

“People are reacting to social media to say I was insubordinate to the likes of (Zanu PF secretary for administration) Obert Mpofu, Patrick Chinamasa, July Moyo, Mudha (Owen Ncube) and Dickson Dzora, but you know very well that I am senior to most of those people.

“How does a senior become insubordinate to his juniors? People just enjoy writing about me, but I don’t know where they are getting this from.

“I am a soldier and I don’t deploy myself. I get deployed by my commander. I was deployed in Mozambique when I was a serving soldier … where there were live bullets,” Matemadanda further told the Daily News.

“I had my own gun, and was prepared to kill or be killed, but I never tried to reason whether it was fair or unfair.

“This is my behaviour. So, we don’t question when we are deployed, although there is nothing yet that I have been formally informed about regarding the talk that I was redeployed.

“The president has not assigned me although he has the right to send me wherever he wants. He simply told me that there is some critical assignment to give me,” Matemadanda also said.

“I don’t know if there is someone he later told that he wanted to send me to Mozambique or he has fired me, like I am now hearing. All he said was that where he wanted to send me, someone of my level in politics was required and that is the politburo level.

“When we are in the politburo it doesn’t matter that I am in the commissariat, but the level I have is that I am a member of the politburo,” Matemadanda added.

“That has not been withdrawn and even as the secretary for the commissariat, I have not been replaced. If that was the case he (President Emmerson Mnangagwa) would have appointed my deputy, Omega Hungwe to act in my position, but he didn’t do that because I am still here,” he reasoned further.

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