Zimbabwe: ‘Zanu-Pf Is Ready For By-elections, But Respects Measures Put In Place To Save Lives From Covid-19’-Khaya Moyo


Zanu-Pf spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo has announced that the ruling party is ready for by-elections, but values saving lives in Covid-19 times more than parliamentary seats, which it already has by an unassailable majority.

Responding to a statement from the MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa that Zanu PF was using the Covid-19 pandemic to stall the holding of by-elections, Moyo said the ruling party did not fear the elections.

“Zanu PF is proud of how our Government has rallied the nation in fighting Covid-19 and significant strides have been made, including among others, acquiring the vaccine, which has seen our frontline warriors being inoculated,” he said.

“It is, therefore, not only preposterous, but irresponsible to say the least, for Chamisa to suggest or opine that our Government is using Covid-19 to delay by-elections. The President has reiterated severally, that his objective in all these measures is to save our peoples’ lives because once lost, they can never be recovered.

“It is, therefore, mind-bogging that given this imperative, Chamisa’s faction is obsessed with by-elections which of course, by all standards have no effect to Zanu PF’s two thirds parliamentary majority.

“Be that as it may, Zanu PF points out clearly that the party does not interfere with parliamentary recalls involving non-members and does not interfere with the running of by-elections, which is a prerogative of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).”

Khaya Moyo said Zanu PF was more than ready for the by-elections, except that it respected the measures put in place to save lives from Covid-19.

Source: Herald

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