Zimbabwe: First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa Comments After Meeting Former VP Mujuru


First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa said she had, for some time, wanted to meet former Vice President Joice Mujuru to ascertain what she had been up to lately.

Mrs Mnangagwa was speaking to reporters after a meeting with Mrs Mujuru at Zimbabwe House Monday to mark International Women’s Day.

During the meeting, Mrs Mujuru (66) told Mrs Mnangagwa that she no longer had political ambitions and was now focusing on her family and farming.

Auxillia Mnangagwa’s Meeting With Joice Mujuru

Mujuru was sacked from the ruling party and government in 2015 by then-president Robert Mugabe on bizarre allegations.
Her sacking came a few years after her husband, former Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Solomon Mujuru died in a mysterious fire at his Beatrice Farm.

Mrs Mnangagwa told Mrs Mujuru that she had also met former President Canaan Banana’s widow, Janet, and national hero Dr Dumiso Dabengwa’s widow, Zodwa in Bulawayo. She said:

I felt very happy because when I called Mai Mujuru, I told her that I needed to pay her a visit to see how she is and where she is staying?

She said she respected my office and therefore it was befitting that she comes here. She expressed no reservations and promised to come that is why you see her here today.
The issues we discussed were about what she is doing, where are her grandchildren, how about the children? Did you plough this season? Where are you staying now that you have gone quiet?

I told her that I went to Bulawayo where I met Mrs Banana, Mrs Ngwenya and the war veterans. After that, I looked for her to catch up.

Women, we are all the same and we should love one another without leaving anyone behind. I wish to make a plea and educate the whole country that hatred does not take us anywhere as women. Do not hate anyone until death.

Politics comes and goes. Our problems as women are the same. What only differs is the time of occurrence.

The problems I have today, Mrs Mujuru might have gone through them a long time ago. She can actually give me advice on how to overcome the challenges. All women should unite.

Do not hate anyone even at church. You should not have a permanent enemy even in politics. Do not be weighed down by hate and jealousy. Today we even shared ideas even on the philanthropic works I do.

Mrs Mujuru pledged her support for Mrs Mnangagwa’s work in uniting families and her empowerment projects.

Source: Herald

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