South Africa: Ramaphosa Accused Of ‘Copying Zimbabwe’ On Land Reform


South Africa’s Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen has accused South African President Cyril Ramaphosa of borrowing a page from former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe on land reform.

According to Steenhuisen Ramaphosa and his ANC colleagues are trying to approve legislation that targets ALL FORMS of property ownership through the Expropriation Bill.

In a statement released by the DA, Steenhuisen said:

If the Expropriation Bill is allowed, the ANC government will be able to take anything you own and claim it’s of ‘public interest’. This does not just refer to land reform. The ANC’s proposal would undermine your right to own all kinds of property be it a car or a house, or even intellectual property.

The Expropriation Bill has a list of five circumstances where zero compensation could be paid but it allows the government to extend this list endlessly. It offers the government near-unlimited powers to simply expropriate personal property – even going so far as to suggest that copyrighted and patented property could be at risk

South Africans were given up to the end of February to register their opinion on the bill before their government ratifies new laws on expropriation. Urging people to reject the bill, Steenhuisen took to Twitter and likened Ramaphosa to Mugabe and said:

Ramaphosa is following Mugabe’s script on land reform and we must reject it!et’s reject the Expropriation Bill before next week’s participation deadline. Sign to support our petition:

Source: Pindula

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