ZLHR challenges Kuda Tagwirei’s company tax exemption: calls it unconstitutional


The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has revealed that the decision by the government to give Great Dyke Investments(GDI) a tax holiday has been challenged at the High Court.

According to the ZLHR, Dumisani Dube is seeking the suspension of SI26/2021 that gives GDI a tax holiday because it is unconstitutional.

Urgent application has been filed seeking suspension of SI 26/2021. Dumisani Dube represented by @ZLHRLawyers Tanaka Muganyi, argues that exemption of Great Dyke Investments Pvt Ltd from paying taxes is unconstitutional, it violates the right to equal protection of the law.

SI 26/2020 also violates sec 298(1) of Const on principles of public finance management, sec 298(1)(b)(i) on burden taxation that must be shared equally.

Tagwirei’s Landela Mining Venture according to Financial World and another company called Fossils Mining according to Tendai Biti reportedly own 50% of Great Dyke Investments and the other 50% is owned by a Russian company Vi Holding (through its JSC Afromet subsidiary).

Source: Pindula

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