Zanu Pf Legislator Violates Lockdown Regulations: holds rally as Covid:19 surges in Zimbabwe


ZANU PF Politburo member and Bindura North legislator Kenneth Musanhi on Wednesday violated the current lockdown restrictions by conducting a party District Coordinating Committee rally at Dawmill farm, Bindura.

At the rally, the supporters were not observing social distancing.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF lost a number of senior officials since the outbreak of the Corona Virus early March last year.

The world over, more than a million people have tested positive to the deadly pandemic some of them currently bedridden.

To avert the spread of the pandemic, the World Health Organisation, the highest health decisions making body in the United Nations organ banned mass gatherings.

Zimbabwe is a signatory to the United Nations and by virtue of its membership, it is endorsing its policies.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is subscribing to that, to exhibit his seriousness the head of government even placed the nation under lockdown and ordered that all essential services providing institutions reduce their workforce at any given time during lockdown to at least 10 percent.

The President also banned all gatherings including those by government officials and by his party, the liberation party ZANU PF.

However, there seem to be some stubborn figures within the party who have gone on to breach the president’s lockdown commandments.

Source: Byo24

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