Xenophobic hashtags trend on Twitter as criticism of SA’s Chinese-born MP rages


The ANC has announced that it will remain true to its non-racist, non-sexist principles and not let the noise made by others keep it from governing the country.

This was acting ANC caucus spokesperson Nomfanelo Kota’s response to the xenophobia directed on social media to one of the party’s new MPs, Xiaomei Havard.

Havard was born in China, and was sworn in as an MP on Wednesday, along with four other new ANC MPs.

She replaces the late minister in the presidency, Jackson Mthembu. She is a naturalised South African citizen and is married to a South African.

Her swearing in was followed by the hashtags “#NoChineseInSAPaliarment” (sic) and “#SArejectsXiaomeiHavard” which began to trend on social network Twitter.

The hashtag “#PutSouthAfricansFirst”, which last year emerged with xenophobic messages, also made an appearance.

At least two MPs joined in.

ATM leader Vuyolwethu Zungula tweeted: “If a black person born in China can never be a member of the Chinese Parliament. Why does SA allow Chinese born person to be a member of the SA parliament and make laws for South Africans (sic).”

Later, he took aim at the Constitution he swore to uphold when he became an MP in 2019: “The problem is the Constitution that was crafted by a selected few to make the new South Africa appease its oppressors and the world. We need a Constitution that protects and affirms the dignity of indigenous South Africans.”


Source: news24

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