Zuma’s spy spent R1bn of tax money: ANC government paid apartheid assassin R40 000 salary after his parole -State Capture


The Zondo commission on Thursday heard that the State Security Agency (SSA) special operations unit headed by “Zuma’s spy”, Thulani Dlomo, was a big spender of South Africans tax money while it was engaged in allegedly unlawful missions.
Dlomo’s unit spent a staggering R1bn between 2012 and 2018, and did not even account for those expenses.

The commission also learnt that the ANC government which paroled apartheid state assassin Eugene de Kock went on to spend R200,000 a month in taxpayers’ money for his upkeep.

The evidence came from an affidavit by a “Mr Y”, but was presented by “Ms K”. The two are current State Security Agency (SSA) spooks. Their real identities have been withheld.

The state capture inquiry heard during the testimony of the unidentified witness that the government, through SSA “Operation Lock”, spent R200,000 on De Kock every month after his release.

The expenditure included a state-sponsored safe house for the assassin and a R40,000 monthly “salary” while the reasons for this expenditure were not revealed.
De Kock is a former colonel in the police force of the apartheid regime. His claim to fame is commanding the infamous Vlakplaas unit which specialised in executing and torturing anti-apartheid activists.

De Kock was released on parole in 2015, having been sentenced to more than 200 years behind bars in 1996.

Source: Timeslive

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