Ginimbi’s Botswana business collapse


The Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s Botswana empire is crumbling after the country’s Energy Regulatory Authority (BERA) ordered the closure of his Quick Gases (Pty) Ltd trading as Liquefied Petroleum Gas.


According to Botswana’s leading daily, Mmegi, the action by the authority is a result of a wrangle over control of Ginimbi’s assets that has since spilled into the courts.


A fierce fight is raging between the Kadungure family appointed executor, Patricia Darangwa and Leo Chiweshe, whom Ginimbi had appointed to manage the Botswana operations through power of attorney.


It is understood that the dispute has started taking a toll on the company’s employees and clients.


The clients are stuck as they are reportedly failing to refill gas cylinders distributed by Ginimbi’s company at other dealerships and BERA last Friday advised the public to take back the Quick Gases cylinders to the company’s facility in Pilane where they would exchange them for more user friendly cylinders.


BERA spokesman, Tshepang Monare, said they had many reports of people failing to refill their gas cylinders belonging to Quick Gases.


He said they had established that the chaos was a result of the ongoing court case.


“We had to step in and make sure they assist customers while awaiting a permanent solution,” he told Botswana media.


Indications are that the Kadungures appointed Darangwa to handle the flamboyant businessman’s estate following his demise in a horrific car crash last November.


Three of his friends were burnt to death when Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce Wraith collided with a Honda Fit as he drove to his Domboshava mansion.


At the centre of the (court) battle is Quick Gases (Pty) Ltd and Matiflex Oils (Pty) Ltd, which Kadungure was running in Botswana.


It is reported that Chiweshe refused to meet and handover the control of the business empire to Ginimbi’s family and their appointed executor.


Darangwa, with the family’s backing, is seeking to get Chiweshe’s power of attorney nullified with the two companies being declared as not having directors following Ginimbi’s death.

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