Fadzayi Mahere Tests Positive for Covid-19, days after bail grant


MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said she has tested positive for Covid-19, attributing her medical condition to her recent incarceration at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison.

In a recent post she made on Facebook, Mahere said “Despite having been in an ‘isolation cell’ at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, I have tested positive for Covid-19, following seven days of pre-trial incarceration.

Mahere said her decision to share her medical results is meant to expose the deplorable state of Zimbabwean prisons.

“While I currently only have a cough and fever, I have chosen to share my results to draw attention to the deplorable state of our prison conditions and the very real threat faced by inmates at these facilities. I believe that in my own life, all experiences good and bad have been willed by God to teach me something deeper about humanity,” she said.

She called on those in positions of authority to look at the state of Zimbabwean prisons and respond accordingly.

Mahere added that the state must be held accountable for every citizen’s life.

“…As for those who continue to use lawfare as a tool to silence opposition voices, thank you for bringing to light what has been forgotten in the dark.

We must demand accountability for every Zimbabwean life under the supposed care of the state.”

The consequences of poor leadership are evident but we the people should never tire of being exemplary in our conduct,” said Mahere.

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