British Lawyers calls China ‘Criminal State’ for intensifying human rights abuses


Human Rights Commission of Britain’s
ruling Conservative Party said those interacting with the Chinese Communist party should do so in the knowledge they are interacting with ‘a criminal state’ which has intensified assault on all human rights throughout China.

A report by Benedict Rogers, co-founder of the commission state that the past five years have marked a deterioration in the human rights situation in China, from the incarceration of millions of ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang province, to the brutal crackdown on protests and democracy in Hong Kong.

During a virtual press conference, Rogers said “The regime has developed in recent years new tools of repression, in particular, endemic slave labor, the development of surveillance technologies to create essentially an Orwellian surveillance state, the use of televised forced confessions, the implementation of new laws that allow within the so-called legal system for arbitrary detentions and disappearances, and the continued widespread use of torture and forced organ harvesting.”

The British Conservative Party report also accuses Beijing of increasing repression in Tibet, and grave violations of the Sino-British Joint Declaration signed in 1997 upon the handover of Hong Kong from British to Chinese control through the imposition of a National Security Law in 2020.

The report describes endemic, systematic, widespread torture; the use of forced televised confessions; forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience; slave labor on a huge scale, which helps to supply 83 global brands; the creation of a surveillance state; and increasing influence at the United Nations and other multilateral institutions aimed at silencing criticism.

However, Beijing has denied accusations of gross human rights abuses and has repeatedly called for Britain and other Western countries to avoid interfering in its internal affairs.

Source: VOA

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