Trump to leave Whitehouse before Biden’s inaguration, becomes first departing president to refuse to attend successor’s ceremony


President Donald Trump has told the CNN that he wants to leave Washington DC before the inaguration of President-elect Joe Biden because he doesn’t want to go out as an ex-president.

His aim is to avoid borrowing Air Force One, Trump told the CNN.

The inaguration of Biden is due to take place on the 20 January amid strict security measures prompted by January 6 attacks on the US Capitol.

He said that he would not attend the inauguration, a highly unusual move that has happened only a handful of times since John Adams succeeded George Washington in 1797, making him the first departing president to refuse to attend his successor’s ceremony since 1869.

Instead, CNN said, Trump will leave the White House before the midday swearing-in ceremony. His team is working on gathering a large crowd to wave him off, the network said.

Insider contacted the White House for comment on the president’s plans, which have not been confirmed but at one point he was rumored to be headed to Scotland, where he owns several golf courses although the Scottish government made clear he would not be welcome due to its strict coronavirus lockdown.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that he would instead be travelling to stay at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

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