Bobi Wine attributes President Museveni’s early election lead to ‘fraud’, says he has proof


The singer-turned-lawmaker Bobi Wine on Friday said he had filmed proof of fraud during voting after preliminary results reported that president Yoweri Museveni had an early election lead.

Prior to his remarks, Wine tweeted that he was confident of victory despite “widespread fraud and violence”.

Museveni has been the president of Uganda for the past 34 years and on Wednesday, his administration ordered an internet blackout until further notice, a day after banning all social media and messaging apps.

Wine and his supporters used Facebook to relay live coverage of his campaigns and news conference after he said many media outlets had declined to host him.

Commission head Simon Byabakama assured the nation on live TV on Thursday evening after polls closed that results were arriving at the national tally centre despite the nationwide internet blackout.

“We are not using local internet to transmit our results, we are using our own system,” he said, without giving details of that system. “Don’t worry, results will come.”

Source: dailymaverick

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