US monitors drop Ugandan presidential elections


United States has withdrawn its observation of Uganda’s presidential election after most of its accreditation request were denied stating that Thursday’s vote would be accountability and transparency.


The announcement follows a growing concern over the credibility of the election between Yoweri Museveni and 10 opposition candidates.


Reports from a coalition representing hundreds of Ugandan civil society organizations said it filed 1, 900 accreditation requests but only 10 had been granted.


A statement tweeted by the US embassy in Uganda read “Absent the robust participation of observers, particularly Ugandan observers who are answerable to their fellow citizens, Uganda’s elections will lack the accountability, transparency and confidence that observer missions provide.”


Commenting on the development, Museveni’s spokesman Don Wanyama said the African Union and East African Community would deploy observers and he couldn’t remember when Uganda last sent monitors to the United States.


Addressing Ugandans on television, Museveni said “We therefore don’t need lectures about anything from anybody. Because there’s nothing we don’t know.”


Source: Reuters

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