Hopewell or Ginimbi: Are Zimbabweans Priorities Misplaced


The gathering and funfair at Ginimbi’s funeral was beyond comprehension. The flamboyant socialite lived a life full of fun and death couldn’t stop him from having his last fun even in the grave.

Zimbabweans in their droves moved to the streets to give their hero a befitting sendoff despite the clampdown on such gatherings put in place by the Government to curtail the spread of covid-19.

Recently, the government blatantly denied the opposition the right to a peaceful Anti-Corruption march claiming that it is wrong to gather in this period and it could lead to a second wave of the pandemic which has already killed over a million worldwide.

The question now is, why allow such a gathering when it comes to the just concluded funeral? The most likely answer would be that the people did not apply for permission hence it wouldn’t have been granted. But why did the government ignore the crowd and no controlling measures were taken?

Another question is if the same set of people are to go to court peacefully in solidarity with the jailed Hopewell Chin’ono, would they be allowed the same freedom as they were allowed at the funeral?

Or rather, would these set of people take the initiative and march peacefully to Chikurubi Remand prison in support of Hopewell who is assumed to be fighting for the good of the country? Would they be willing to risk the brutality of the security agents for the fight for a better Zimbabwe?

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