Ginimbi’s Security Guards Unleashed Dogs On Villagers


The security guards of late businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure unleashed dogs on the Ginimbi’s neighbors in Domboshava on the night before his burial.

This was revealed by his uncle, who is also the headman in the area who said it was not proper for the guards to set dogs on his people as they were also mourning their relative.

Headman Kadungure said this while passing his remarks during Ginimbi’s burial at the latter’s mansion in Domboshava Saturday.

“I am not happy because last night Ginimbi’s security guards unleashed dogs on my people and three people were injured.

“This is unacceptable. How can one unleash vicious dogs on people! If you didn’t want them here, you could have said so,” said Kadungure

“Three of my people were bitten by dogs and these people are from the Kadungure family. Honestly, I am not happy.”

On Friday night Ginimbi’s friends and other family members staged a farewell party for the businessman who was known for his love for lavish partying and would hardly miss throwing himself birthday parties.

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