Uganda has eased its covid-19 restrictions with prayers, political rallies, meetings, and weddings now allowed not to exceed 200 people. This is an increment from the 70 earlier accepted.

But in the case of political meetings, Minister for health Dr.Jane Ruth Aceng (in the picture) advises candidates to avoid using open roof cars and waving to the population because “this attracts crowds we can’t be sure can observe standard operating procedures”.

This comes at a time when Uganda’s campaigns for President and legislator positions are just a day old.

Also allowed to open starting 14 November are gyms, massage parlors, cinemas, casinos, and gaming outlets, and mobile markets from 6.30 am to 7 pm. The minister insists that the two-meter rule and use of hand sanitizers must be emphasized with wearing face masks not debatable.

On bars and discotheques, the Minister drew examples from elsewhere and deferred their opening because they remain focal areas of spread and advised proprietors to “explore other businesses like restaurants attached to their premises which are safer”.

No mention was made on sports’ acceptance of fans and Boda Bodas (motorcycle) riders’ request for their curfew time to be increased from 6 pm to 9 pm.

As of 8 November, Uganda had 14,574 cases; 7771 recoveries, and 133 deaths.

Whereas this represents a fatality rate of just 1%, it is in fact made grim by the 971 health workers that have contracted Covid, nine of whom have died.

The country is witnessing spikes in Kiryandongo and Kikuube but the major transmission areas remain the Capital Kampala, Elgon, West Nile, and Karamoja with the most vulnerable being those 50+.

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