Uganda police have Okayed the national unity platform (NUP) party manifesto launch that’s due in Mbarara on Saturday.

NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine was earlier meant to launch his manifesto after nomination on Tuesday
This wasn’t possible as security forces intercepted Bobi Wine a few meters from the nomination center, bundled him into their van straight to his home.

He later announced a new date (Friday) but changed it to Saturday as Uganda mourns renowned Muslim scholar Dr. Abud Noor Kaliisa.
His venue of choice Mbarara is now on high alert with Uganda Police clearing his launch but with a stern warning.

“We shall disperse any form of rallies and crowds with reasonable force if they (NUP) behave otherwise,” said Abas Byakagaba, the Ankore – Kigezi Zonal Police commander.

Under the new guidelines during this Covid-19 pandemic, every candidate is allowed just 70 people per gathering. No processions are allowed and the public is advised to respect Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

But whereas, Police in Mbarara has given an all-clear to NUP, the situation on the route to Mbarara (which is five hour-269.5km journeys) shows otherwise.

Various roadblocks have been mounted with all passengers plying that route undergoing strenuous checks.

But some NUP party members are already in Mbarara (as seen in the picture) and confirm having traveled under the guise of the night to be ‘early birds’ at a venue “they expect Police to act violently”.

This is a developing story and we promise to keep you informed of happenings.

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