“Go Hang,” Zanu PF Tells British Govt.


Zimbabwean ruling party Zanu PF has Wednesday accused the British government of interfering in the internal affairs of the Southern African county, categorically telling it that “whoever looks at us as a second class must go hang.”

On the 25th of October this year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s under-fire administration held an anti-sanctions march with the support of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC). They were calling for the “immediate and unconditional” removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the European Union (EU), Britain, and the US.

But the UK government remained adamant that Mnangagwa had to institute reforms compounded by ending human rights abuses and corruption.

The House of Lords for the UK government actually called for the extension of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Speaking to the media at party headquarters in Harare, Zanu PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa said Zimbabwe was not a second class nation to the British.

“We applaud the Zimbabwean Parliament for standing firm in dismissing the British machinations. Zimbabwe is not a second-class nation to the British and whoever looks at us as a second class must go hang.

“There are threats to tighten sanctions on us, at a time when our government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is clear with His Excellence’s re-engagement message.

“If the British and the Americans continue in that regrettable path, we will mobilize tough measures on their surrogates,” Chinamasa said.

Two weeks ago, Lord Hain of the Labour Party asked what his government was doing to sanction perpetrators of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

“My Lords, what specific steps have the Government taken to sanction those responsible, including government Ministers, for massive human rights violations in Zimbabwe, such as the abduction and torture of Joana Mamombe and her colleagues in June? She continues to be viciously harassed through the criminal justice system, and police brutality is continuing with impunity: for example, throwing tear gas into a crowded bus on 12 October,” he said.

The Secretary of State, Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, Baroness Sugg responded and said; “my Lords, the UK remains aligned to the EU’s restrictive measures on Zimbabwe. Suspended targeted measures are in place against three current and former security sector chiefs, and Grace Mugabe. The Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 now provides the legal basis for the UK to impose autonomous sanctions, and we are in the process of considering our approach to the future sanctions regime in Zimbabwe.”

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