“Zim Now A Mafia State,” says Former Finance Minister Biti


Former Zimbabwean Finance minister Tendai Biti has claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has turned the country into a “mafia state” characterized by “a massive feeding frenzy.”

The current main opposition MDC Alliance Vice president said Mnangagwa’s three years of leadership are associated with corruption.

“In 3 years of their existence, they have turned Zim into a gluttonous arena of extraction and embarked on a massive feeding frenzy. Whether it’s minerals, procurement, FX, agriculture inputs, drugs, buses the Mnangagwa regime has no restraint nor elasticity. Zim has become a mafia state

“One family now has vast interests in gold and chrome mines, buses, banks, an airline, a fuel retail chain, farms, prime retail estate, a mobile phone company, and commodity broking entities. The country is literally now a private entity run by a motley of korokozas and other brainless scum

“The latest feeding scheme is the Harare Beitbridge rehabilitation project. Five enabler companies including Tagwireyi’s Fossil Construction without tender nor Bills of Quantities have been awarded contracts paid directly from the Treasury. There is no oversight nor due process

“Truth is by the time this lot is through with Zimbabwe nothing will be left. The theft of the country’s wildlife, flora, and fauna is particularly disturbing. Zim s animals are being shipped in their hundreds to China and other places outside the law. We must save Zimbabwe urgently,” Biti said in a Twitter thread.

When Mnangagwa took over power from late former president Robert Mugabe through a military coup in November 2017, he promised economic recovery based on ending corruption.

His regime has, however, continued to be associated with massive allegations of corruption compounded by human rights abuses.

Just last week, Mnangagwa’s relative, Henrietta Rushwaya was arrested at Robert Mugabe International Airport after being caught up trying to smuggle 6.09kgs of gold to Dubai. Reports have since established that the gold package belonged to Mnangagwa’s wife Auxillia and son Collins.

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