Malawian NBS Bank Hacked


Hackers have hit Malawi’s NBS Bank and stolen millions of money and confidential information of thousands of NBS customers that include companies and NGOs.

The hackers have obtained bank accounts numbers and transaction information of over 20 thousand  NBS Bank account holders’ transactions.

On one of the documents, there are account details of over 2500 account holders, transactions they made on a particular date, account numbers of beneficiaries, reasons for transactions, and emails of account holders.

Those affected include companies and individuals.

The hackers claim to have 24 Gigabytes of information obtained from NBS bank core-banking system and they also claim to have siphoned money from the bank’s online vault.

“We hacked NBS bank.  Notify their customers that their money is not safe, tell them to act accordingly. More customer data on the way” read part of the email which has been copied to Reserve of Bank of Malawi.

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According to the hackers, the bank’s system has been experiencing various glitches because they had slipped their way into it and stolen money.

“Let them deny, why is their internet banking down? We took it down (siphoned money) those screenshots showing access to the core banking and we took over from them. We will expose all the data bit by bit. We don’t forgive. We are starting,” reads another part of the hackers’ message.

One of the accounts which appear to be a central account number starting with 14 and ending with 104 had a closing balance of K5,837,834,907 (K5.8 billion) whereas another account had K132 billion with several payments from it.

Some of the accounts with over K100 million book balance include 143…76; 19…72; 14…52; 14…12; 14…39; 14…99; 14…45, and 14…27; just to mention a few.

Account number 17…27 had close to half a billion (K598,233,365.46) as opening balance.

We have redacted the accounts on the understanding that there are highly confidential data.

As of press time, neither NBS nor RBM had responded to the claim.

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