Just like Mugabe, Museveni will go says Bobi Wine After His Arrest.


Just a few hours after being nominated, arrested, and later driven to his home in Magere, Ugandan Presidential Hopeful Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has sent a strong message to President Yoweri Museveni that just like Col. Muamar Gadhafi, Robert Mugabe, and Gen. Omar el Bashir, he will also be dethroned by all means.

Bobi Wine says that he has been tortured by security operatives during his arrest immediately after the nominations at Kyambogo University but promises never to give up on the struggle.

‘My eyes cannot see well and can’t walk with ease because I’ve been tortured during the arrest. They used paper spray on me and squeezed my head and hands with a flat iron but am still alive’

While speaking to supporters at his home after a long day battle with police and the army, Bobi wine told them that they will be imprisoned, beaten, tortured, and hit with tear gas but they should never give up because that’s what it means to fight a dictatorial regime just like it has been elsewhere on the African continent.

Flanked by his fellow party leaders, an exhausted Bobi Wine said that the Electoral Commission has started showing its unfairness by allowing President Museveni to break the rules of the elections like it was yesterday during his nomination yet for them as opposition they are mistreated.

‘The whole world is looking at us and this is the time we should show them that we are not crooks but responsible citizens who are ready to transform this country’

Hon. Kyagulanyi told all Ugandans that the whistle has been blown for the game to start which will end when President Museveni’s regime is no more.

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