‘Better late than never’ is an age-old adage that we have all used under various circumstances but usually in our favor.

In Uganda, Democratic Party Presidential candidate Nobert Mao has borrowed it in relation to his late ‘crushing of the nominated candidate’s party’.

By last night, it was still not clearly defined if Uganda’s oldest party will have a Presidential candidate for next year’s elections.

As uncertainty crept further, up stepped one of Uganda’s most eloquent politicians of the past 20 or so years, Norbert Mao, to beat the deadline.
“DP doesn’t work like any other political party. We believe in constitutionalism and needed to get our delegates conference to determine who carries the flag. This was impossible due to Covid” explained Mao.
“Since 2018 we also waited for a unified front to fight the dictatorship but were disappointed all people sought independence and we thus followed suit”

The world-renowned orator assured voters that DP “can’t give what we don’t have” and reminded residents of this East African country that “we have a polarized country and we need leaders who can unite us”.

“Campaigns should be about the character of candidates and the values they uphold with any defaulting politician judged as an individual but not a whole based on where he comes from”.

On the economy, Mao blamed the nation’s woes on political shortsightedness and urged voters to elect “caring leaders”.

He preached national healing through reconciliation and repenting with the democratic party armed with a solid plan for “reclaiming of our country”.

As candidates hit the campaign trail starting (November 9) Mao urges security organs to protect the public and not those in government and also appealed to them “to concede and work for the next President by next year”.

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