Zim Hospital to Do Pauper’s Burial of 31 Unclaimed Bodies


A Harare Hospital is set to conduct a pauper’s burial of 31 unclaimed bodies with some of the corpses lasting for more than a year without inhumation, Josey News Network has observed.

In a list statement seen by this publication, Chitungwiza Central Hospital confirmed the development and urged relatives of people in the list to claim bodies within 21 days.

“The following deceased persons have been unclaimed in the Chitungwiza Central Hospital Mortuary from 22 July 2019 to 05 December 2020.

“The hospital is requesting relatives or members of the public of the dearly deceased persons to come forward and claim the bodies and give them a decent burial.

“The claim period ends after 21 days and will be given pauper burial by the state,” read the statement.

Information Ministry permanent secretary Nick Mangwana also confirmed and said, “in a sad but possibly unavoidable turn of events, Chitungwiza hospital will soon be conducting pauper’s burials for 31 unclaimed bodies. Some of the bodies have been in the mortuary since July 2019. Family members can still intervene and give dignity to the deceased.”

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