Breaking News: WAEC Releases Result, Upheld 215,149 Candidates Result.


The West African Examination Council (WAEC) in Nigeria has released the 2020 West African Senior School Certificate Examination Result. This was announced today by the Head of the Nigerian National Office of West African Examination Council, Patrick E. Aregbam, in Yaba, Lagos State.

The examination was conducted across the five-member Countries – Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

According to WAEC, the coordination of Examiners and marking of candidates Scripts took place at eighty-four (84) marking centers across the country. A total of seventy-eight thousand, seven hundred and ninety-nine (78,799) Examiners participated in the coordination and marking exercise.

In regards to the registration, a total number of one million, five hundred and forty-nine thousand, seven hundred and forty (1,549,740) candidates registered for the examination. From the total number registered, only one million, five hundred and thirty-eight thousand, four hundred and forty-five (1,538,445) candidates sat for the examination.

Also, a total number of four thousand, two hundred and eighty (4,280) candidates with different degrees of special needs were registered for the examination, of which two hundred and thirty (230) were visually challenged, seven hundred and forty-five (745) had impaired hearing, two thousand, eight hundred and fifty-two (2,852) had low vision. Inclusively, thirty-eight (38) were spastic cum mentally challenged and fifty-eight (58) were physically challenged.

From the total number that sat for the examination, seven hundred and eighty thousand, six hundred and sixty (780, 660) were males, while seven hundred and fifty-seven thousand, seven hundred and eighty-five (757,785) were females.

Out of the total number that sat for the examination one million, four hundred and fifty-six thousand, seven hundred and twenty-seven (1,456,727) candidate had their results fully released which covers 94.69%, while eighty-one thousand, seven hundred and eighteen (81, 718) candidates’ results have few issues which is being processed. It represents 5.32% of the total number.

Statistically, it shows that one million, three hundred and thirty-eight thousand, three hundred and forty-eight (1,338,348) candidates with 86.99% obtained credit and above in a minimum of five (5) subjects with or without English Language and Mathematics. While, one million, three thousand, six hundred and sixty-eight (1,003,668) candidates representing 65.24% obtained credits and above in a minimum of five (5) subjects including English Language and Mathematics.

From the figures four hundred and ninety-seven thousand, one hundred and thirty-nine (497,139) that is 49.53% were males and five hundred and six thousand, five hundred and twenty-nine (506,529) that is 50.47% were females.

The results of two hundred and fifteen thousand, one hundred and forty-nine (215,149) which constitute 13.98% were withheld in connection with various degrees of examination malpractices in some examination centres.

Candidates are directed to check their results via the council’s website: using result checker PIN and Serial Number required by candidates.

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