Two days since Tanzania voted in its general elections, provisional results point to a Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party sweep not only for the Presidency but also legislators positions.

The latest we gather from Tanzania is that the incumbent CCM party holds an almost 80% lead.

The opposition still contests the results released by the national electoral commission and have got worthy company.

“What we have seen so far is that the outcome of the elections doesn’t meet international standards nor within treaties Tanzania has signed” read a statement from the Tanzanian election watch panel of eminent persons.

This body that is able to work closely with other civil society entities also calls for “appraisal and verification” of the results in a country whose pre-election period was “dirtied” with physical and human rights violations like freedom of speech.

The law in Tanzania however favors the national electoral commission whose declaration for President can’t be subject to law. The only option for the opposition is at legislators who aren’t protected and can be contested legally.

Tanzania’s parliament is of 393 members, 264 of whom have been elected directly with the balance secured through proportional nomination that will still favor CCM that already has more than two-thirds  of the direct seats.

The final straw for the opposition is the loss of Halima Mdee to Josephat Gwijima in Kawe constituency in Dar es salaam.

The opposition has unlike the previous election also lost in Singida which is the electoral center for lead opposition figure Tundu Lissu of Chadema.

This is a developing story whose details we shall continue providing.

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