State Of The Nation: I See A Society In Which Public Officer Make Stealing A Philosophy – Kukah


The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese and Founder of Kukah Centre of Faith, Leadership and Public Policy, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah shared his view in an interview with Tunde Ajaja, on the state of the nation.

The Bishop was asked on the way and manner which the government handled the #EndSARS protest that led to the break of law and order, in his response he said, things are still unfolding as state is reacting with militaristic reflexes and not issue being introduced by the youths.

On the notion that people have fear, that the protest is likely to turn over into a revolution. Bishop Kukah made is clear that, revolution is a day to day thing. It does not happen when you pull down walls or topple a government, but when you get these politicians manage the resources that is meant for us. He further said, the best revolution is when we see through the mirror of our success, it is inconvenient for those who have been benefiting from the stagnancy. Note that criminals in uniform, criminals in politics, criminals in businesses, and in the places of worship, are our problems as they have reduced our nation to a shameful state.

He emphasized, all these must end and I thank God that the youths are voicing their energies towards changing their future and not relying on us, who have stolen their future.

He was asked about the international reactions from Pastors, musicians and political leader from other countries concerning the #EndSARS protest.He said, global concerns are important. Moreover, all governments do go out to seek for foreign endorsement. They must live with the consequences of their actions.

When asked what saddened him on the governance in Nigeria. He expressed his anger on how political class does not care about its people. There is hypocrisy, humongous theft, and misuse of our resources. There is criminal negligence of the weak and the poor. “I see a society in which public officer make stealing a philosophy and stealing for their families beyond many generations”.

However, “the youths have lit the candle and you know what the Chinese say, ‘it is better to light a candle than cause the darkness’. Nothing will be the same again. I hope the youths keep their dreams alive”, he said.

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