NUP Unveils Bobi Wine’s New Campaign Poster


The National Unity Platform party has unveiled the new campaign poster of Ugandan Presidential Hopeful Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine after the Electoral Commission rejected the one he had presented while wearing a red beret.

The Security Agencies claim that it is military wear not meant to be worn by civilians and since Bobi Wine isn’t an army man, he shouldn’t wear it as he had done in his campaign poster.

The new campaign poster was unveiled at the party offices by the Executive flanked by several Flag bearers.

‘We have been pushed into doing this. We have embraced the new reality’

All party flag bearers have been asked to change their campaign posters and drop the Red Beret so that they are not rejected by the Electoral Body. 

However, The Spokesperson of the party Joel Senyonyi said that members can continue wearing them during campaigns even if they don’t appear on the Ballot paper.

A few weeks ago, Security agencies raided the National Unity Platform offices in search of military wear and confiscated party uniforms. The Police and Army spokespersons then came out and said that the Red Berets belong to the army and gave civilians who are in possession of military wear one week to surrender it.

The NUP Vice President for Northern Uganda Lina Zendriga Walu said that the party is going to launch its Campaign Manifesto which is Human Centred very soon. She also appealed to media houses to give the NUP flag bearers a platform and not to charge them exorbitant fees.

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