My Father Is Not The Problem Of Nigeria- Zahra


The daughter of the President, Zahra Buhari-Indimi has lent her voice to react over the looting of Covid-19 palliative which was hidden in various warehouses across states. She said, “This has shown that my father is not the problem of Nigeria”.

In the past week, hungry and angry hoodlums have been going round states to breakthrough states’ warehouses in order to loot Covid-19 palliatives that were meant to be shared but kept back for no reason.

The looting of the warehouse started in Lagos where rice, sugar, noodles, among other items, were carted away by hoodlums. This looting later spread across other states like Osun, Ogun, Kwara, and Imo.

Other states include; Kaduna, Jos, Taraba, Oyo among others where food items and other utilities were vandalized by some hoodlums.

Zahra in her statement said, her father has done his best to ensure that all states get the Covid-19 palliatives, but the failure of state leaders to distribute them have been exposed by the activities of the looters, thereby, vindicating her father from bad comments saying that the President has not been concern about Nigerians.

We have realized that the Nigerian government provided enough palliative support to the masses in order to eased pains caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but some politicians decided to hijack the palliative for their own selfish reasons.

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