With about three months to Uganda’s general elections, the ruling national resistance movement party(NRM) seems to have gone into ‘scared mode’.

This follows many of its members citing inconsistencies in the party primaries to chose flag bearers and now look to enter parliament as independent members.

With this in mind, party top officials after advice from the national chairman and President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni embarked on a nationwide tour to engage it’s NRM leaning independents aspirants to avert a situation that will be grim in the long-run.

Early indications are that the independent members aren’t about to change their minds and is the reason many haven’t turned up at various locations like Mbale, Kabale, and Rakai where reconciliation meetings were hosted.
“We have had enough of unfairness in the party and it’s our time to remain on the peripheral as independent,” said one on condition of anonymity in Kabale district.

These engagements targeted stopping members from pursuing parliament as independent members because, in the long-run, it will affect numbers in parliament to benefit the opposition.

“We want to retain power. We are in power. We didn’t come to lose. But if not careful, we may have an NRM President with no ‘legs’ to stand on in parliament” said Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga while on party assignment in Eastern Uganda districts of Bifida, Manafwa and Bulambuli
“This scenario puts us in a spot of bother of having to worry about the opposition and also ‘our own’ “Kadaga added.

The current indications in Uganda are that the opposition especially the national unity platform party (NUP) is focussing on acquiring a majority in Parliament.

This in the event that Yoweri Museveni wins the Presidency, puts him in a dilemma because then he will lack a majority on key issues in the house.
It should be noted that in Uganda’s legislature a two-thirds majority is required on key issues including impeachment.

During the NRM party primaries a few weeks ago, chaos reigned with many citing the party’s secretariat and Electoral Commission in underhand methods that undermined the ‘aggrieved’ who are determined on their next course of action.

Uganda’s next parliament will as per the electoral commission have 524 members.

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