With the new school term just a few days in, Uganda national examinations board has made a monumental statement regarding the girl-child.

“We have received reports that a number of them have become pregnant during this Covid-19 season. Pregnancy among female candidates has always been there but it appears the numbers this time round seem to be much higher” said the board’s Executive Secretary Dan Nokrach Odong during a news conference at Uganda Media Center.

“We don’t condone teenage pregnancy; but while we don’t, we also recognize that most of these girls are victims of circumstances and they are holding unintended pregnancies” he added while ordering primary and secondary schools to allow them to register for examinations in a historic first for Uganda.

It should be noted that Uganda last week reopened schools for the first time since March 20, with the government allowing only candidate classes at primary and post-primary levels and finalists at the tertiary level.
But after the resumption, it has now been realized that more than 5000 children (some under 12 years) are pregnant. Officials didn’t divulge information of which classes are most hurt but say urban areas were the most affected.
Final examinations in this truncated examination schedule for Uganda at Primary and post-primary level was moved from the usual November/December to March/April next year.

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