Bobi Wine Says Museveni Is A Coward And Fears Artists


Ugandan Presidential Hopeful Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has asked fellow musicians to come together and fight for their rights using music. He asked them to stop fearing President Museveni because he is a coward and fears artists because he knows their strength.

‘We should know that all blacks around the world who fought for freedom used music as a tool to fight the liberation wars’

While addressing journalists at his offices, Bobi Wine reminded the Ugandan artists that blacks in America used music to fight slavery, In South Africa, it was used to fight apartheid and so many other places. He quoted a line in Bob Marley’s redemption song which says that;

‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery no one but yourself can free your mind’

This was in comparison to the current situation in Uganda where artists like him are being blocked from participating in politics because the government knows their strength and that’s the reason why even the ruling NRM party likes using artists during their campaigns to win support.

Bobi Wine said that even Idi Amin also feared and persecuted artists because he knew their strength but still the music industry continued to be strong and that’s why it has continued to produce politicians.

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi further said that he is not the first and last artist to contest for a political office and asked Ugandans to support him in the forthcoming Presidential elections.

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