‘Address Corruption Not Sanctions’, European Union Tells Mnangagwa


The European Union (EU) has laughed off President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s idea to campaign against the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa’s administration has set 25 October as a day when Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) members in solidarity with Zimbabwe, call for the removal of sanctions that were imposed on the country to force it to reform.

In a statement on Twitter, the EU said reforms were needed in Zimbabwe to address issues of accountability.

“Did You Know? Investors make decisions based on risks. Reforms are needed in #Zimbabwe to address transparency & accountability, to fight corruption, to ensure the protection of investments & improve good governance; none of which are affected by EU restrictive measures.

“Did You Know? The EU restrictive measures have no impact on trade and the tariff and quota-free privileged access of goods from #Zimbabwe to the #EU market, granted by the Economic and Partnership Agreement (#EPA) ratified in 2012,” says EU.

Instead of campaigning against the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe, the United States (US) has yesterday told Mnangagwa’s under-fire government to reform.

The Zanu PF administration since the reign of the late former president Robert Mugabe has always been urged to end human rights abuses in order for sanctions to go.

When Mnangagwa assumed power through a military coup that ousted Mugabe in November 2017, he promised economic recovery based on respect for human rights, reengagement with the international community, and subsequent removal of sanctions.

Three years down the line, his regime is being rebuked by other countries for orchestrating arrests, torture, and abductions of the dissent.

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