Bobi Wine’s NUP Candidates Denied Media Access. Party to Take Security Bosses to Court


‘I have learned with dismay that a number of our candidates are being denied air space especially out of Kampala District. The radio station owners are afraid of their licenses to be withdrawn or their equipment to be confiscated by the Uganda Communications Commission’ says Joel Senyonyi the NUP Spokesperson

The National Unity Platform has raised concern over the denial of their party flag bearers from accessing media houses in different parts of the country. Despite the Electoral Commission coming out clearly to inform the media houses that all candidates should be given equal platform no matter what party they represent, media houses are fearing to give opposition candidates air space to the campaign.

The most affected media houses are those that are upcountry especially in the Lango sub-region where most NUP candidates have been stopped by Resident District Commissioners from appearing on media houses despite willing to pay.

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine also fell victim when he was denied access to a radio station in Mbale District after paying for a talk show.

‘We have decided to go to court and we are going to target individual officers who command the security forces during operations’

The National Unity Platform Deputy President for Central Uganda Hon. Mathius Mpuuga says that the recent raid on their offices by security forces was a political move and not a search for military wear like the security forces claim.

‘We are demanding the UPDF and Police to explain and account for the attires they confiscated and the money they stole from our offices’

Hon. Mathius Mpuuga also blamed the recent attack on the Mbogo clan members by the security officers which is a violation of the rights of the Buganda Kingdom. He further says that the security officers who commanded and made the attack should be taken to court as individuals and not as the entire police.

Some of these officers use the name of the security institution to commit the crime and they claim it’s the entire institution that planned to take the action and that’s the reason why they should be taken to court as individuals to pay for their wrongs.

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