Bobi Wine Wins Court Case Against NUP Founder Kibalama


Ugandan Presidential Hopeful Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has won a court case against National Unity Platform founder Moses Kibalama which has been running for about a month.

‘The applicants ought to have applied for judicial review within 3 months after the change of the party name from NURP to NUP on 6th June 2019 but instead, they filed this application 24th August 2020 after one year. This application was made with an aim of making money during the election period and applicants have no genuine reason but want to be relevant and make some cash’ said Justice Musa Sekandi as he dismissed the case with costs.

A few months back, Bobi Wine was unveiled by Mr. Moses Kibalama as the Party’s flag bearer for the forthcoming Presidential elections and the people power supporters around the country received the news with a lot of happiness.

However, the excitement was short-lived when a video of Mr. Kibalama appeared on social media a few weeks after claiming that he no longer trusts Bobi Wine and regrets having fronted him as the flag bearer. There were a lot of mixed reactions from the public which said that he must have been put under pressure by the government to record the video.

Mr. Kibalama, later on, came out and said that he was arrested and forced to record himself showing that he no longer wants Bobi Wine to be the Party’s flag bearer. A few days after, Mr. Kibalama then went to court which started the legal battle that ended today with Bobi Wine as the victor.

Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine and his Party members went straight to their headquarters where they rejoiced and officially addressed the public. He told his supporters that it is faith in God that has enabled him to get this victory and it’s the same faith that will enable him to become the next President of Uganda.

‘I would like to inform the Ugandans that on the 3rd of November 2020 as a Presidential Candidate and flag bearer for the National Unity Platform’ said Bobi Wine

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