Bobi Wine Supporters in Running Battles With Security Officers


Just after winning a court case against party founder Moses Kibalama, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s celebration was cut short as he ran battles with police on his way to visit Buganda Kingdom’s Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga in Mengo.

Bobi Wine left his party headquarters in a convoy with his fellow National Unity Platform members and supporters heading to the Kingdoms parliament but hardly had they moved a kilometer than the police started firing tear gas to disperse the crowds.

However, the youthful supporters persisted and continued with their journey as they were cheered by onlookers. The police continued trailing them throughout their journey as more crowds continued to gather and show support.

As the procession approached the Kingdoms parliament, the Uganda Police tried to block them but the National Unity Platform members were able to access the venue and meet the Premier.

Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine started by blaming the police for firing tear gas at Mbogo clan members who had gathered for a meeting a few days back. He said that this was an attack on the Buganda Kingdom which does not participate in politics.

Bobi Wine used this opportunity to inform the Kingdom officially that he is going to contest for Presidency come 3rd November 2020 and asked for blessings from the Kingdom’s ancestors.

The Kingdoms Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga said that it’s good for young people to participate in politics and they should always remember the five pillars of the Buganda Kingdom. He further asked the Government not to deny media access to opposition politicians.

‘In Buganda Kingdom, we welcome all people of all political opinions, religious affiliations and of all nationalities but on one condition, that they respect our King and they acknowledge the heritage of the kingdom’

The Premier strengthened the NUP candidates and supporters and told them never to give up.

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