“Reform and Sanctions Will Go”: Analysts Tells Mnangagwa


Analysts have told Zimbabwe’s ruling party to stop blaming sanctions imposed on the country’s leaders as an excuse for failing to develop the nation.

The call comes at a time Zimbabwe has spent millions of dollars paying lobbyist firms to push the United States of America to remove economic sanctions that were imposed on the country a decade ago.

Social commentator Innocent Mangwiro said its time government takes responsibility and makes sure that there are political and economic reforms to pave way for the removal of sanctions in Zimbabwe.

“Local and regional bodies noise without addressing the faults that resulted in the imposition of sanctions will not see them removed. If they existed for nearly 20 years a mere day will not mean anything. Our government must take responsibility and make sure that there are political and economic reforms without,” Mangwiro told Josey News Network.

Mangwiro said it was sad that the government has resorted to blaming sanctions for the failure of the economy instead of corruption and greediness within politicians especially Zanu PF.

He further said sanctions in the country were motivated by the zeal to maintain power leading to the mass murder of political opponents.

“Our country was destroyed by the ruling elite who went for broke to preserve their ill-gotten wealth. We witnessed violence and state violence and state-sanctioned murders because the elite were afraid of post-incumbency prosecutions,” Mangwiro added.

He further said sanctions were not the major concern at the moment rather government should be dealing with the continued corruption cases and political freedom in the country.

Writing on her Twitter account, Fadzayi Mahere spokesperson of the opposition MDC Alliance said the only way to have sanctions removed was reforms something the government was failing to do.

“Once reforms happen, the sanctions will go as they must. Please expedite the reforms so that sanctions are removed expeditiously. Reforming Zimbabwe is a good thing for the people. Freedom will lead to a happier, more just and prosperous society,” Mahere said.

Political analyst PedzisaIRuhanya said it was pointless for Africa Union and other regional bodies to speak against sanctions which are not affecting people every day while neglecting several human rights abuse in the country.

“Zanu PF want sanction gone yes we agree with you but we abductions, torture, and lawlessness must go too,”

“They must support the removal of abductions, torture, lawlessness, corruption, and state-organized violence and impunity,” Ruhanya said.

Zimbabwe has been under sanctions since 2005 after the former president Robert Mugabe took away land from white commercial farmers through the Land reform program.

The land Reform was marred with violence, human rights abuse, and damaging of property against former commercial farmers.

The call come at a time the region are joining Zimbabwe to call for the removal of sanctions that were imposed by European Union and the United States of America.

Ruling party Zanu PF has said the sanctions have destroyed the economy and should be removed.

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