#EndSARS: Nigerian Youths Adamant in Their Demands


As the peaceful protests on police brutality in Nigeria continues for the 11 consecutive days, Nigerian youths insists they will not leave the streets until their demands are met. The #EndSARS peaceful protest which started from Lagos has spread across every major city in Nigeria.

The protest also gained momentum across the world as celebrities across the globe endorsed their support by using their various social media platform to pass the #EndSARS message.

However, in some cases the protest was marred by sponsored hoodlums who attacked the peaceful protesters and injuring some protesters in the process. The protesters aptly fought back to protect themselves. In the process some of the hoodlums were caught and handed over to the police while the protest continues.

Nigerian celebrities contributed to the success of these protests. Various protests are being led and organized by the celebrities who also contributed financially to support the protest. Nigerian youths blocked most major roads in the city singing and dancing. Some of the protesters even slept in the protest ground keeping vigil to ensure that their ground is not taken over by the police.

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