Until Africa is Free, There is no Jesus Who Died on The Cross says Bishop Joshua Maponga


Zimbabwe’s Leadership Development facilitator and motivational speaker Bishop Joshua Maponga has expressed his discontentment with the treatments orchestrated by the Europeans to further subject Africa to its control adding that the death of Jesus cannot be mentioned if it is not in line with the death of Africa and until Africa is free there is no Jesus who died on the cross.

Africa over the years has continued to experience excessive domination and control from the whites even after gaining her independence.

Maponga during a live chat with Josey said he will talk about Jesus who died for the sins of the world the day he sees the black man free stressing that the black Jesus is still hanging on the cross surrounded by the two thieves whom he described as the Europeans and Chinese who are busy crucifying the African’s on the same cross.

He went further to say that “Africa is still dying till date, it takes one man to save the world but we have 12 million who drowned in the sea during the slave trade, is this God not tired of drinking blood, can you look at Congo, give me the15 million that died, all the blood that has been spilled worth nothing except the blood of one man who hung on the cross”?.

Maponga also stressed that the theology that Jesus died for us should not be used to create sympathy for the white man rather it should be used to invoke Africans to start thinking If we have come down from the cross yet

” The Europeans are still nailing our  hands, putting on the crown of thorns on our heads, managing our  minds and what we think, poking our reserve of food, nailing our feet, so theology must not be used to create sympathy for the Whiteman”

While emphasizing the reason why he left the church Maponga said he never left the church, the church rather left him.

” I never left the church, the church left me in the sense that my concerns over social impact programs, social reforms, health, and judicial issues and the activities of the church in terms of dealing with such issues”.

“Jesus cannot be the answer if we cannot answer the African problem, I did not want to drag the church and force them to do what they are not prepared to do, I felt it was proper to work from outside of the system and not bring the church into disrepute”.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the church for promoting the white Jesus and forcing Africans to be Europeans.

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