MDC-A Plans Anti-Abductions Demo Same Day With Zanu PF’s Anti-Sanctions Campaign


The main opposition MDC Alliance is planning to disrupt a Zanu PF anti-sanctions campaign slated on 25th October with a massive demonstration against state-sponsored abductions and torture of the dissent, Josey News Network has learned.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration agreed with the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) to establish 25 October as a day when member states call for the removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Western countries, the United States in particular.

But the main opposition through its secretary-general Charlton Hwende has announced a demonstration to be conducted on the same day.

Hwende said the peaceful protests are going to be against torture and abduction of dissenting voices in Zimbabwe.

“Now that the President of Zinasu (Zimbabwe National Students Union) @ngadziore is back the 25th of October is the best day for a people’s action against Torture and Abduction of innocent citizens. We must all peacefully exercise our right to demonstrate and Petition against a regime enabler Impala Car Hire

“Their car was used in the abduction and torture of @TeeMuchehiwa. We must demand on that day which @ZANUPF_Official is abusing as an anti-sanctions day an end to all abductions and torture, an end to the Persecution of @JoanaMamombe, @ceechimbiri2, and @MarovaNetsai

“Everyone who has been abducted and tortured by State Agents must be compensated & treated. Justice must be served. Perpetrators must be arrested. Because of @ZANUPF_Official propensity for violence the whole World will see how they are violating Human Rights in Zimbabwe,” Hwende wrote on Twitter.

Sanctions on Zimbabwe were imposed to force the Zanu PF regime to end human rights violations.

Mnangagwa’s administration decided to conduct anti sanction campaigns regardless of many reports of human rights abuses associated with his regime.

Recently, ZINASU President Takudzwa Ngadziore was beaten by suspected state security agents before being arrested by police and charged with allegations of inciting violence.

He was released by the Harare High Court after spending several weeks at the city’s remand prison.

In May, MDC Alliance Youth leaders Joana Mamombe, Netsai Marinova, and Cecilia Chimbiri were abducted from police cells by suspected state security agents before they were found four days later with severe injuries on their bodies outside the country’s capital city.

They were arrested again and charged with allegations for failing abductions.

Meanwhile, the opposition has set October 25 as a day to demonstrate against state-sponsored abductions and torture.

Last week, South African Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mphakama Mbete said plans were afoot for anti-sanctions campaign day.

“We are going to convene a meeting this week as SADC ambassadors to prepare for the Anti-Sanctions Day.

“My government and other SADC member states will take part in the commemorations of the Anti-Sanctions Day scheduled for October 25. All SADC members’ states are rallying behind Zimbabwe in the fight against the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, which is affecting the general populace,” he said.

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