Fear Grips Ugandan Opposition as NUP Supporters Are Imprisoned


With the Presidential Nominations in Uganda about a fortnight away, the opposition parties have started feeling the heat of the race. This has been evidenced almost every election year with the only change being the replacement of Dr Kizza Besigye by Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Following the raid on the National Unity Platform offices in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb a few days ago, Bobi Wine’s supporters who were arrested at the premise and various parts of the city have been remanded to Kitalya and Kigo government prisons.

They are being charged with dressing in military attire which according to the NUP supporters is their party uniform. It is said that the Red berets which the National Unity Platform uses as their identity belongs to the military police of Uganda and should not be worn by any civilian.

The NUP Presidential Hopeful Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine who had a sleepless night after a spy drone camera flew above his home disagreed with the security forces on his party uniform saying that it’s has nothing to do with the army and his supporters are just being accused of rallying behind him.

‘Their offence? Supporting NUP and People Power! For dressing in red t-shirts, overalls and berets! For possessing red neckties and red umbrellas! For daring to speak out against a 35-year-old military dictatorship. For daring to side with our message of hope and liberation! For standing on the side of the truth!

The security forces also arrested several traders around the country who deal in National Unity Platform items which have been on high demand of recent.

‘Let the dictator not sleep sound. Let him not rejoice that these comrades are behind bars. Instead, let him be very worried. His repressive hand is teaching us to be more deliberate, more courageous and more resolved’

Those were Bobi Wine’s words on social media after learning about the remand of his supporters who were presented before the magistrate.

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