Zim Opposition MDC-A Youth Leader Sues Police for $2,4 m After His Unlawful Arrest


A Zimbabwean opposition MDC Alliance youth leader and Masvingo Town councilor Godfrey Kurauone is suing the police for $2,4 million over his unlawful arrest and 40 days of detention.

Kurauone was facing charges of criminal nuisance and obstructing traffic and he spent 40 days in remand prison before being acquitted after the state failed to prove its case in court.

The State was also accusing Kurauone of posting a video of a song in which he called for the removal of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

According to the letter, seen by this publication, directed to the Home Affairs Ministry, Kurauone is suing the Commissioner-General of Police, Officer in Charge-CID Law and Order, Masvingo, Detective Constable Muonde, and Prosecutor General for $2,4 million for his unlawful arrest and prosecution.

“His arrest and prosecution was motivated by malice and improper motives.

“In the premises, we are instructed to notify you as we hereby do, in line with the relevant statutory provisions, that our client intends to sue you jointly and severally with all police officers and other persons who participated in his wrongful and malicious arrest and prosecution as well as the prosecutors who, acted out of culpable ignorance and led the prosecution against our client. These include but are not limited to:

1) Commissioner General of Police

2) Officer in Charge-CID Law and Order, Masvingo

3) Detective Constable Muonde

4) Prosecutor General

“The arrest was arbitrary and without due cause,” read the letter.

When Masvingo magistrate Patience Madondo acquitted Kurauone, she had noted several inconsistencies in the State’s two witnesses who were both police officers.

“The witnesses’ evidence is solely based on them seeing the accused in Mashava. Accused was wanted in connection with the July 31 demonstrations and it could have affected their judgment.

“What complicates the case is that the State didn’t even make efforts to find the accused at his homestead after supposedly seeing him in Mashava.

“The court is therefore not satisfied that the witnesses identified the accused. Accused is hereby acquitted,” Madondo said.

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