Ugandan Teachers ‘Missing in Action’ as Schools Reopen


As Ugandan schools prepare for reopening this Thursday, the Ministry of Education and sports has expressed concern over the exit of experienced teachers opting for other jobs outside the profession. Due to the lockdown, many of the teachers decided to venture into other jobs which have turned out to be more lucrative for them than teaching.

‘When teachers are in school, they get experience, become friends with the learners, and the school administration. When they leave, it’s a big task to replace them and the only option is getting inexperienced teachers’

The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and sports Alex Kakooza raised this concern while handing over 1000 temperature guns to private school owners. These guns were procured by proprietors of different schools with the help of some non-government organizations and the central government.

According to research by the Ministry, some of the teachers bought motorcycles and started carrying passengers which gives them a daily income yet they have been waiting for a delayed monthly salary.

The Proprietors of Private Schools in Uganda have decided to train new teachers so that the exit of the teaching staff doesn’t affect the learners who are coming back to school.

The President of the Republic of Uganda H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced on 20th September 2020 that schools will reopen on 15th October 2020 after 7 months of lockdown. This Thursday, all candidates and finalists will be able to get back to school and complete their final studies amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some schools have been advised to combine students in order to mitigate the costs of maintaining candidate’s stay at school during this period as well as addressing the issue of few teachers.

‘Schools that have small numbers can join together with neighbouring schools and conduct joint classes since the learners are in the same class and are going to do same final exams’

The school proprietors have asked all school administrators to observe the standard operating procedures that were set up by the government to avoid the spread of Covid-19 amongst the learners because if they fail to implement them, the government will take them back into lockdown.

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