Nigeria 2021 Budget: Controversy as Senate Minority Leader Spoke Against The Budget


The Senate Minority Leader, Sen Enyinnaya Abaribe, has faulted the 2021 budget as presented by President Muhammadu Buhari, describing it as lacking an understanding of the current realities Nigeria is facing.

Sen. Abaribe, made the observation while contributing to the debate and general consideration of the budget, “That the budget proposal of this administration says nothing that is very critical to each and everyone.  He feels the government does not have an overview of what it needs to do with the economy”.

Abaribe postulates that “It seems that the government is insensitive of the Nigerian public; despite the hard time we are, they keep increasing taxes and making sure that anything that we do, wants to tax everyone out of their lives”.

In addition, “the budget is nothing but the same. In 2016, the budget was 3.65 and at the end of the year, we had a revenue performance of 32%. In 2017, instead of adjusting we still went ahead and did the same thing which is exactly what we are doing today”.

However, Abaribe was countered by the Deputy Majority Whip, AliyuSabi during the budget debate.

Sen Sabi believes Abaribe is perhaps playing to the gallery of the opposition. He said, “the administration budget is clearly for ‘recovery and resilience’. The country understands that the economy is not well. The leader (Buhari) in his presentation has given us a history of where we are coming from and where we found ourselves.

He said whatever decision the administration has taken it is for the good and benefit of everyone.

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